Multicraft: Pixel Gun 3D

Multicraft: Pixel Gun 3D 1.03

New and different game Sandbox

If you're looking for a building sim with a difference, Multicraft: Pizel Gun 3D could be right up your street. Inspired by the ever popular Minecraft series, the pixelated graphics and colourful gaming world will be instantly familiar when they enter this dynamic sandbox game. Perfect for players of all ages, you won't find anything untoward stuffed in this PEGI 3 rated game.

With simple controls and gaming mechanisms tailor-made for mobile and tablets, this is guaranteed to become a firm favourite and is the perfect way to idle away a few spare hours.

If you're expecting a simple build-a-house sim, think again. Multicraft: Pixel Gun 3D lets players get much more involved in their construction projects, extending to farm developments, village builds and more. It's not simply a case of picking your favourite finishes and virtual materials here, in Multicraft, you're expected to hunt out and mine for materials yourself. Once you've loaded up on the raw awe, it's time to get creative.

Let your imagination run wild as you put the finishing touches to your dream house, or help build a sustainable community with farms and pastures to keep locals well fed and supplied with all the raw ingredients they need.

Once construction has started on your virtual community, it's quick to see the place come alive. You can interact with village residents, neighbours and even cattle as your town takes shape around you.

This game is packed with refined textures and new sounds to make your virtual world even more dynamic than ever before, with unique combinations and new gaming features to ensure your house, farm and settlement looks unique and stands head and shoulders above everybody else.

Perfect for players looking for a touch of strategy to their open world, sandbox gaming. With limitless build possibilities and new add-ons and features introduced all the time, there's always something new to try in Multicraft: Pixel Gun 3D. Download to your device today and you'll have instant access to your virtual playground, wherever you are in the world.

Multicraft: Pixel Gun 3D


Multicraft: Pixel Gun 3D 1.03

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